This is me ...

As an artist I enjoy pushing the limits of typography (letterforms, text). I enjoy experimenting with its legibility and therefore its meaning through manipulating its shape and form. I am fascinated with the purity of its original form, the assumption of meaning, and the deconstruction of that form and meaning to produce a visually stimulating and gripping image. I layer digital and vintage imagery (old manuscripts) to create a typographic collage. 


I also have a passion for information graphics, where instead of deconstructing and layering image and text I enjoy the elegant structure that stats and figures can be transformed into, especially when incorporated with vector graphics and hand drawn illustrations.


My background in fine art shows itself throughout most of my design work and vice-versa. Typography and design has a strong influence in the fine art side of me. I create paintings that I initially design digitally and then translate onto canvas with brush and paint. I have an interest in the traditional craftsmanship of handmade books and boxes. Using genuine leather, custom dies for embossing, high quality paper and designed content, I hand stitch, build and design custom books from the inside out, turning them into works of art that you can touch, hold and enjoy.