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This is me ...


MFA- University of Central Florida

BFA- Ringling College of Art and Design


As an artist I enjoy pushing the limits of typography (letterforms, text). I enjoy experimenting with its legibility and therefore its meaning through manipulating its shape and form. I am fascinated with the purity of its original form, the assumption of meaning, and the deconstruction of that form to produce a visually stimulating and gripping image. I layer digital and vintage imagery (old manuscripts) to create a typographic collage. 

I also have a passion for information graphics. Instead of deconstructing and layering image and text, I enjoy transforming statistics and figures into elegant structures incorporating hand drawn illustrations and vector graphics.

My background in fine art shows itself throughout most of my design work and vice-versa. I create complex acrylic paintings on canvas of my designs. I have an interest in the traditional craftsmanship of handmade books and boxes. I use genuine leather, custom dies for embossing, high quality paper and designed content to hand stitch, build and design custom books from the inside out.

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